Our Story

Hello! My name is Nichole and I am a wife and mom of one crazy, silly little girl. While I love being a SAHM and not missing any of her first, I quickly realized I gave up so much and lost who I was. I'm sure a lot of mom's can relate. I stopped taking care of myself and was only focused on taking care of the house, my husband's needs and that sweet little girl of mine. 

After doing some soul searching and starting to find myself again, I realized lots of moms could probably use some self care while still having fun with their little ones! I found some self care items that I am totally in love with and I've come up with some great activities for you and your kiddos (and there's no stress on you because I've supplied everything you'll need for the activities). I also think it's fun to match our little ones, but always found it stressful to find cute matching things and when I did It was way more than I cared to spend for one outing or for only a few outings because they grow so fast! 

So, join me on this so called journey of parenthood where we will survive with a little self care a lot of love! 

Our boxes are all made with love by independent designers

Each box is handcrafted with a theme in mind for the month. We hope you enjoy your products as much as we do!