A subscription Box


for mommy's and little ones


Mommy and Me Box

6-8 items for you and your little ones for $49.95 + Shipping!

6-8 Perfect items for mom to get a little self-care and child to have fun 4X per year. Shipping is free in the USA. 

Step 1:

Become a member and for just $49.95 each season, you'll get the box filled with a mommy and me matching item, 2-3 self-care items and 2-3 activities for the kids. 

You may also, choose our Individual box or Activity box. 

Step 2:

Box is delivered!

Step 3:

Indulge in the best self-care items, crafts, and snacks. Don't forget to #mommyandmees when you share!

Fun For All!

$49.95 USD each season!

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Still unsure? See what members received from their past boxes!

Summer (July) 2020 Box
Fall (September) 2020 Box
Winter (December) 2020 Box


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